HWF Membership


A.  General Membership/Sponsorship shall be made available to all individuals, groups,organizations and corporations who are in general accord with the philosophy of humanism and interested in working towards the mission and goals of Humanists of West Florida.

A1.  Family/Individual Membership:  Any person shall be eligible for voting membership who is in general accord with the above-stated purpose and a member in good standing with Humanists of West Florida. Members pay annual membership dues and may participate in planning and implementing affiliate groups and relevant activities. Membership runs from July to July. All memberships to be renewed July 1 regardless of when the individual becomes a Humanists of West Florida member. Members are encouraged to volunteer to assist and organize affiliate groups and activities which work towards the mission and purpose of Humanists of West Florida.

A2. Student Membership: Any person with a valid student ID or other financial instability is eligible for the student membership and the same rights apply as for Family/Individual memberships.

A3. Associate Membership: A member can be included on the membership forum as an associate of Humanists of West Florida in order to learn about non-religious opportunities, ask questions, post links and other information, and occasionally join in activities. Associates may not have voting privileges on board matters.

A4. Organization and Corporation Sponsorship:  Sponsorship is available and encouraged for all organizations, groups, businesses and corporations which desire to support the mission of Humanists of West Florida as set forth in the bylaws. Organization and Corporate sponsorships include the benefit of recognition as a supporter of HWF. Organization and Corporate sponsorships do not include voting rights.

B.  Dues or assessments: Due annually on July 1, are required to be considered a member and help Humanists of West Florida to financially support its mission.  Family/Individual Membership dues shall be $25 per year and Student Membership dues shall be $10 per year.Organization/Corporate Sponsorships shall begin at $100 per year. The BOD has the right to change the dues amount each year as needed.

C. AHA Memberships: The American Humanist Association requires all AHA chapters to maintain an ongoing democratic governance, have five AHA members in good standing, provide an updated list of local members and have the word “humanist” somewhere in the group name in order to maintain status as an AHA chapter. Members, or those considering membership, of Humanists of West Florida should be aware that contact information will be given to AHA in order for Humanists of West Florida to comply with AHA requirements. Humanists of West Florida nor AHA will never sell or share this information with any other individual, organization or corporation for any reason.

D.  Expulsion: Humanists of West Florida reserve the right to deny and/or terminate memberships if necessary to preserve the mission of the group. A complaint may be made in writing to the board. The board may make a preliminary decision whether the incident merits expulsion by a five of seven vote of the board. The notice of intent of expulsion shall be brought before the general membership for comments and feedback to be due within two-weeks of notice. The member in question shall be informed and invited to present their information to the board during the same two weeks. After feedback is received and considered the BOD meets again and takes a final vote with five of seven board members in agreement of the decision to expel the individual from the group. The board shall inform the member of the results.