HWF Committee Structure

Here’s a brief outline of our recently established committee structure.

We have created three committees to facilitate the mission of this organization. We believe that the structure of these committees will enable leaders and members to accomplish our goals with intention and satisfaction.

The committees are as follows:

  • Finance/Fundraising/Membership
  • Communications/Connections/Promotions
  • Projects/Programs/Events

A board member will chair each committee, and until membership is built to a greater number, a board member will also serve as a team leader for each teams of each committee.

Each committee has written/will write a purpose and policy to guide the actions of that committee.

Committee chairs and team leaders will be responsible for surveying and contacting membership to be involved in serving on teams and participating in activities. All regular (voting) members may be qualified to serve on a team, all regular and associate members are eligible to participate on any team activities/projects/programs/events.

More information and a detailed description of each committee will soon be available online for members to view.