Humanists of West Florida

The Mission of the Humanists of West Florida...

,,,is to facilitate the advancement of humanist thought and action in Pensacola and surrounding areas by interconnecting groups of humanists, atheists, agnostics and non-religious. We will strive for equal participation in government and societal life through building strategic partnerships with other humanist and freethought organizations and with our religious neighbors to advance the greater good of humanity.

Volume 5                                                                                         December 19, 2013

From the HWF President...

reader, have you heard? A new year is coming!

That's right, the year of two-thousand and fourteen is just around the corner!

What does that mean for humanists and freethinkers? Shall we make resolutions?

Most of us don't keep resolutions that we make at the beginning of the new year, and maybe you don't see a need to even bother. But bucking the trends doesn't mean that you can't make use of a marker in time to reflect on what you might do with your new year.

I discovered a new way to view the traditional New Years resolution idea. This came from and they have a lot of suggestions for other holidays as well. We've added these secular holidays to our HWF calendar so you can visit our website to keep abreast of upcoming secular holidays and see if HWF is planning any events that you might want to join us for.

New Year Reality Revival, Jan 1-31
"The New Year Reality Revival was inspired by an event held in California in the '90s by the Atheists United group and ideas generated through the Inquiring Minds Program.

The event offers interested groups and individuals an opportunity to educate within their surrounding communities. Event activities and materials focus on our current understanding of reality as illuminated by the discoveries and explorations of science." Take a look at the Secular Seasons website and read more about the New Year Reality Revival.

What can WE do to revive reality in our community? How can YOU become involved in your own secular/humanist community?

Come, join other humanists, freethinkers, and atheists THIS New Year. Consider supporting our community by volunteering, or if your time is very limited, at least attend one or more function so that you can meet some of the awesome people that share this community with you.

This January 3, we will be hosting well known humanist and political satire & social commentary singer/songwriter, Tom Neilson. Because we know that this is a new year and we're all pinching our pennies after joining in the upcoming holiday celebrations, we're reducing the ticket price for this event from $15 to $10 per person.

You can give Tom's music a test run on his SoundCloud page. Don't miss this opportunity to support YOUR local humanist freethought community!

Next First Friday FreeUp: January 3, 7-9pm

Tom Neilson-

Political Satire & Social Commentary

Register for this event here!

Winner - Kerrville Folk Festival
Winner – South Fl Folk Festival
IMA People’s Choice Song of Year
21 awards and nominations
Three #1 Songs on Soundclick Charts

If you haven't made it to any of our First Friday FreeUps yet, don't miss this one!

Tom Neilson makes his rounds through the South every winter. We are fortunate to have him stop here this year! 

Music begins at 7:00 pm, but the doors will be open at 6:00 pm so join us for fun, community building conversation, snacks, and some of Thor's home-brewed beer! Bring your own snacks and drinks, too.

Tickets are $10 available online or at the door.

As a folk singer/songwriter, Tom has 13 recordings with one in progress. He is a dancer, organic gardener, and basketball coach. With long standing involvements to groups working for peace and justice, you will hear his music at the gates of military bases, nuclear plants, on union lines, and to free political prisoners such as Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Bradley Manning.

Having lived much of his life outside the U.S., Tom has performed his music in 20 countries on five continents. He left the US in 1970 ("Dancing Shoes") and spent most of the next 15 years working and traveling around the world, mostly in Africa and South America. Upon returning, he crafted these experiences into a doctoral dissertation, about U.S. political economic hegemony, titled, "Self-Reliance or Dependency in the Horn of Africa." 

Listen to Tom's music and read more from his SoundCloud page here:

Recent Event Updates:

We had a great turnout for Jerry DeWitt's talk on December 12. Forty people attended with some new members and curious visitors. Jerry stayed in Pensacola the following day and also interviewed with the New Covenant Group that evening. NCG also videotaped Jerry's talk at UUCP and will make the video available for us to use when it has been edited. You can see the NCG interview here:

Give Tom Neilson a listen below!

We now have a Facebook group!

If you hang out on Facebook, please come join us for conversation!