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A Fund Raising Initiative for HWF

Distinguished Donors – Gold and Silver


General:  We have a growing pool of active membership for Humanists of West Florida.  We have been discussing at Board level, ‘What we can do to have steadier source of income?’  As you know, the projects can be done only if the funds are available.We have come up with the following fund raising initiatives.  We will ask our members who are able, to sign up for either Distinguished Donor Gold, OR Distinguished Donor Silver (in addition to regular membership dues).

Distinguished Donor Gold:  The member agrees to donate $ 200/year to the General Fund of HWF.  This will be on an on-going yearly basis.

Any money paid towards membership or specific projects will not count towards $ 200/year. The Treasurer will send out a note for payment at start of the operating year (July of each year).

Note, you can drop out of this commitment any time by contacting the Treasurer at: membership@hwfl.org

The money will be used towards on-going Projects and some administrative costs.  Our administrative costs are very small, because lot of work is done by volunteers.

Distinguished Donor Silver:  The same as above, except the commitment will be for $ 100/year.


How do I sign up?  At the bottom of this page below where it says ‘Annual Donation’ use drop down arrow and select Distinguished Donor Silver, or Gold, and click Donate.  You will be guided the rest of the way.

Or, you could mail a check to the:  Humanists of West Florida,  7150 Tippin Ave. P.O.Box 11930, Pensacola, FL 32524

Explanation and answers to Potential Questions:

Am I signing up for life/ afterlife? What if my financial situation changes? Or, I move out of the area?  Or, I no longer want to be active as a member of HWF.

You can drop out any time by contacting the Treasurer at: membership@hwfl.org

If I can drop out at any time, why an ‘Out’ reply, and why is HWF asking for this initiative?

We want to provide an ‘Out’ to a member who no longer wants to participate or cannot participate because his/her financial situation/location changed, and we would appreciate a reply to understand why. We expect there will be 10-15% churn of the distinguished donors every year. However, we are doing this initiative because we are confident that a large majority of participating members will be happy with the work HWF is doing and will be in a financial position to continue their contribution.

We hope to sign up about 20 members for this initiative, and recognize them on our HWF website.
Suren Shah, Vice President & Chair of – Finance, Fund Raising, and Membership Committee
Buz Ryland.  President, HWF

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